This is one of the latest interviews with Liam Webber for OK magazine. In it Liam answers questions about his future ideas and projects, and talks about why he decided to come precisely to Bulgaria. This is what Silvia Kanin says about her interview with him:
This has been perhaps one of my most positive meetings lately. This is Liam Webber, the Londoner who believes that Bulgaria can become a country of possibilities, as long as you believe in it and stop closing your eyes to the chances. What brought me to him was my constant desire for improvement, which Mr. Liam knows how to shape like modelling clay. The creator of the Mr. English Educational Centre is not your typical teacher; he has the perfect formula to make you forget about the inveterate ideas of what a lesson should be, because he is able to teach you how to think outside of the box and how to open your mind for more. To me he is the positive example for the day, who proves that the desire for improvement depends on inspiration and love, because yes, a teacher must love. Straying away from all stereotypes about teachers, Liam’s attitude shines through not only with his students, but also with his clothes. One of his biggest passions is fashion and this can be seen in his bright personal style. When was the last time you had a trendy teacher? His classes are visited by two of our well-known beautiful blondes – Elena from Master Chef and Hristina, the creator of Tina Social Club. Natalia Kobilkina and Atanas Lazarov have also chosen to study at Mr. English Education Centre. Our meetings with him are always thought-provoking, because he has an opinion on many various topics, sometimes leading to unexpected discussions – we delve into the problems of refugees, or we sometimes discuss Will Smith and his family, or even the pressure that young girls and women face all over the world. “I feel sympathetic towards women, because the pressure placed on them is huge – what they should look like, what their bodies should be like or how long their hair should be.” Coming from a country like England, which I would say is light years ahead of Bulgaria in many aspects, Liam challenges the stereotypes about beauty and attitude in our country, by spreading a simple truth – be yourself and learn to love yourself. About his arrival in Sofia, about overcrowded London, the art school, which Adel came from and about the competition with yourself… we spoke with Liam Webber.”


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