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Mr. English Educational Centre offers top quality English language courses for children and adults at affordable prices.

Established in 2012, Mr. English Educational Centre aims to improve our students’ skills and cater to their specific needs and abilities. We are unique at teaching..

Mr. English Educational Centre values your judgement and self – confidence, so we put a lot of effort and positive attitude into our work. Our aim is that you don’t just know the language, but also develop your social skills according to our methodology “Forward With Desire”.

We have a wide variety of courses for every age and level of English. We have preparation courses for Cambridge exams, TOEFL, IELTS, business English and individual courses depending on your need – acting courses for children and adults, speaking courses (intended to develop your communication skills) and more.

Our textbooks are published by Oxford and Cambridge University Press.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

Liam Webber


our team

Liam Webber

Liam is an English – speaking teacher from London, England. He has worked in a lot of secondary schools in London and has been hired by political groups to educate young people about their social and civil rights. He has experience with theater performances and educational theater for children and adults as a performer, organizer and a teacher. Liam’s main interests are theater performances and the English language, but he also plans to regain connection with one of the schools he used to work in – “The B.R.I.T. School for performing Art and Technology”. At this school people like Adele, Jessy J, Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis had their education. Liam’s goal is to help his students travel and find new opportunities abroad. Liam also has experience with politics and has worked for the Government of the United Kingdom. He is planning to use his experience to participate in EU programmes, which give his students the opportunity to use their English skills abroad.

Liam says: “Traveling through European programmes led me to Bulgaria. I want to give my students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, to broaden their horizons and to get equal opportunities and feel confident in what they do.”

Christian Tsvetanov

Christian Tsvetanov is from Vidin, Bulgaria, currently residing, studying and working in Sofia. He started his linguistic education at an early age, at the Foreign Language High School in Vidin, where renowned professionals sparked his interest in Western languages and history. His higher education started, and is still developing at Sofia University, where he has acquired his bachelor’s degree in English Philology, and he is currently in an ongoing collaboration with the faculties of Classical and Modern Philology, and History. His current Master’s degree is in American Studies and Transatlantic relations. Outside of his education and career, Christian is an active artist in the visual arts, as well as literature, and is expanding his deep knowledge of Bulgarian and European Ancient and Medieval history in both English and Bulgarian languages.

Christian’s teaching methodology specializes in preparing individuals in complete accordance with their current level and needs. He uses academic methods and resources, but always combines them with practice of the ‘living’ English, as he likes to call it, using all the contemporary and modern environments of the language – social media, art, literature from both the UK and the USA.

the others

  • The time i spent at Mr. English was very fruitful. The course I participated in lasted for two months and was mostly practically orientated. By doing various exercises and having conversations I improved my speaking skills and now i can communicate with our business clients more freely, effectively and on a higher level. The atmosphere was pleasant which helped with learning. In addition, I was given some easy but valuable advice on how to improve in the future.

    Kostadin Hamanov
    Kostadin Hamanov Software Developer
  • I heard about Mr. English Educational Centre from a friend, who was extremely pleased with the ease she communicates with people after participating in a course at Liam Webber's teaching center. I, too, was not very confident in my English skills. The need to communicate in English with friends and colleagues all over the world made me follow one of the social media pages of the educational center. It was not too long before I was already sure this is the place for me. I signed up and now near the end of my course I can tell you that at Mr. English Educational Centre they really got me talking with remarkable ease. Just like that. Nice and easy! Thank you, Sylvia Grancharova! I am glad that I met you, Liam Webber!

    Emilia Dancheva
    Emilia Dancheva journalist
  • Liam's courses were a pleasure for me! They are always fun and prepared with lots of exercises, discussions and scenarios. The whole learning progress was over in the blink of an eye. Thanks to their energy and professional approach I managed to improve my English skills and gain the confidence to speak freely :)  

    Asen Sokolov
    Asen Sokolov Web Developer