Children courses

learning can be fun!

Мessages 1-4 courses

Intensive child course, which is held two times a week, organised according to the Cambridge University – Messages model. The course is suitable for beginners and advance students and is taught by an English and a Bulgarian teacher. It caters to the individual needs of every student with the aim of achieving the best possible results in grammatical and practical aspect. The course is suitable for children of every age. It helps them deepen their understanding and gain confidence. During the course we try to improve pronunciation. The additional projects they get help them develop their creative thinking.


Mr. English Educational Centre offers you one different course, which is intended for practice through acting, role play and writing scripts. The course is led by two teachers – Liam Webber and Sylvia Grancharova. In every lesson students will actively use their English knowledge, improve their skills and learn how to work as a team. With their joint efforts the students will create a play, share ideas and understand how mutual support and unity are needed for their personal growth.


Every kid finds it frustrating to write homework after school. This is the reason Mr. English Educational Centre offers you daycare, where your children can have fun and pay attention to their studies at the same time. The activities can be either individual or in groups. During the daycare we will pay special attention to the difficulties they have in learning the language as well as the difficulties the have in other subjects.

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What makes us different? The unique style of teaching, our way of thinking, our approach and dedication towards students are only some of the reasons. In our educational center we cater to your individual needs and we try to improve your self-confidence and knowledge. We try to improve your level and stimulate your thoughts. Our practical exercises and discussions are completely tailored to your interests and knowledge. Our goal is not only to improve your English, but to make you think and be more responsible to the world. Become part of our big family!